Hello! We are Automotive Specialties  and we want to service and repair your vehicle. This is how we imagine our relationship. About every 5,000 miles you call or schedule online and visit for a simple oil change & courtesy inspection. Then about every 10,000 miles for a tire rotation, brake inspection, oil change & courtesy inspection. From here we want to tailor your vehicles service based on your driving habits and factory recommendations. Once in our system over time you will see an email or two a year almost automating your vehicle service reminders.

We take pride in maintaining our customer’s vehicles. From the simple oil change to the most complex of repairs we try to provide the highest of quality. We use quality parts and make purchasing decisions based upon what is the best value to our customers. The aftermarket makes many parts and we purchase them when we feel the quality and value are there. We also purchase many factory parts because through experience we have found sometimes the aftermarket does not maintain our standards. We have found that while cost is always a factor and should be but that reliability is the most important. This is why we offer a nationwide warranty on the majority of our repairs and also why we advise repairs in certain orders.

Our mission at Automotive Specialties is to help maintain and keep your vehicle on the road for a very long time. The average cost of a new vehicle these days is $31,252 dollars. That is a big investment. Think of it as an investment and with proper maintenance that investment will last for many miles to come.